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Top 9 Brands That College Students Have A Hard Time Placing

On Friday, Stamford, Connecticut-based Anderson Analytics released a study on theses misplaced consumer brands. Students who had grown up with Legos and learned to love Heineken in college have no clue where these brands even originate from.

Nokia, Finland

Lego, DenmarkRadio

LG, South Korea

Samsung, South Korea

Ericsson, Sweden

Adidas, Germany

Heineken, Netherlands

Saab, Sweden

Volvo, Sweden


Studying Habits That Got Me by This Semester

After finding high school to be a little easier than learning how to go down a slip and slide, I had a hard time getting my feet wet in college. All of a sudden studying became my fun but annoying friend. This past semester I learned a few new tricks that helped me improve my grades and maintain my sanity.

Position Yourself Away From Any Clocks, Sundials, Pendulums, Etc. I find myself constantly glaring over at the clock to track my time. Instead of focusing on how long your willing to spend on a subject focus on just learning the material.

Find A Room Away From Distractions. It can be hazardous to your studies if you study in the living area where the TV, Stereo, Computer, and Roaming Room Mates might be.

Instead a Comfortable Place on Campus May Be Prime. Preferable near your major’s offices so that your professors are accessible if a question arises.

Make Correlations Between Common Items. In your upper level classes you’ll find that a lot of your courses will have similar vocabulary and theories. Drawing correlations between two different courses can help you remember a theory or definition while at the same time killing two birds with one stone.

Design Lists. Text books are good at listing theory after theory. Try itemizing these points into bullet points. Making your own lists, outlines the most important information without getting boggled down with the details. You make outlines in class why not outline that 500 page text book?

Follow The 1 Hr/10 Min Rule. I know I said not to look at your clock when studying however I’ll let you break it this one time. Study for no longer then an hour after which take a 10 minute break so that you can let your mind wrap around the material.

Highlight and Re-Read Material. Highlighting will help you find important information for building those lists. Re-read the highlighted material prior to studying and you will be golden.