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An Economic View of Dating

So my mind works a little differently than it used to, and i have been spending a lot of time thinking about where I started. I’m sure I’ll be putting more silly ideas like this up whether you like it or not.

So the first thing I realized about dating is that there is definitely a supply and demand side to it. Most of the time the demand for girls greatly exceeds the supply. Examples: bars and clubs and parties. This is an environment that economically speaking is not conducive to a guy’s ultimate goal of attracting a mate. When a shortage occurs the price (or in this case the characteristics of the gentleman caller) must be greater than normal and not all males will get a mate. So a guy who is in a place with a surplus of girls is thus more likely to get one because when a surplus occurs then the price is lower (girls are more willing to accept undesirable traits). It’s more or less common sense i know.

Of course this carries over into monopolistic and perfect competition. When there is a shortage of girls guys must operate like they are in a monopolistic competitive environment. This means they must distinguish themselves from the rest of their competitors and show why they’re product (himself) is better than the rest. If no guy does then than one guy will be as good as the next and its pretty much luck of the draw aka perfect competition.

Of course biology and human behavior studies explain this as well. Becoming the alpha male is no different than selling yourself as the best product available.

That’s it for now. Any thoughts?